۱۰۸ Plumbing Installation Level 70 cm 


  • OPTIVISION™ Red horizontal vial creates highly visible red bubble edges, for exact reading and optimal vision in bright & low light
  • Tilted horizontal vial with epoxy locking for direct line of sight viewing
  • Vial Gradient Lines for measuring slopes up to 2% grade
  • ۳ Unbreakable Acrylic Shockproof Vials
  • Accuracy: <0.0005”/” (۰٫۵mm/m)
  • Angle Finder with gradient markings every 5° to easily find the degree of any slope
  • Rare-Earth Magnets for the strongest grip to any metal surface
  • Fine Milled Surface with V-groove for accurate and easy placement on pipes and curved surfaces
  • Advanced Impact Resistance end caps to protect the level’s integrity.
  • Proven Durability – Drop tested from up to 2 meters


  • Masonry work
  • Finding angles



  • ۱۰″ (۲۵cm)

Product Sheet